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100% Original Background Music


We designed and installed the outdoor and indoor digital signages and sound system for the new Shake Shack burger restaurant.

Shake Shack is a 'new burger stand', originating from New York, that serves burgers made from 100% hormone-free Angus beef, as well as hot dogs, frozen custard, craft beer and other alcoholic beverages. It is a pioneer in creating the new genre, 'fine casual', using safe, healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients and maintaining the particular taste of its fine dining roots, at an affordable price.

This store is the first Shake Shack worldwide to use digital signage with LED vision, and the store design is typical of the constantly evolving brand. We were pleased to assist in this project.

3D signage that makes you stop and look.

The 13th Shake Shack in Japan opened in Osaka in October 2022. The signage you see as you walk down the street from the station was installed by us.

The words 'SHAKE SHACK' and familiar cute icons are displayed one after another, creating a fun atmosphere with playful movements.

The most spectacular feature is the mechanism whereby burgers and letters can be seen as if in 3D when viewed from the front of the store.

This is the first time we have worked on 3D signage. Hopefully it turned out quite interesting, something that makes people stop and look up.

SHAKE SHACK画像 Image that appears 3-dimentional.

Curved signage to enhance and accentuate the space.

One of our works in the restaurant is the Flex Vision, which is installed along a curved surface. The popular Shake Shack icons of Burgers, Shakes, Frozen Custards and other menu items flow through the vision. The movement of the icons is filled with attractions, such as burgers arriving later bumping into other icons, or icons spinning around in turn—fun to watch.

The stylish interior of the restaurant is based on wood, giving it a sense of warmth. The signage complements the beauty of the sophisticated interior. It also creates an accent, creating a relaxing and enjoyable space for customers.

SHAKE SHACK画像 Curved signage adds movement to the space.

100%-customised playlist: embodying what Shake Shack has to offer.

Shake Shack's background music is 100% customised, with branded music that is consistent across Shake Shacks worldwide.

Our partner PlayNetwork's aim was to create a musical story for Shake Shack that feels equal parts fresh while always maintaining connection to the inventiveness of the brand. Much like the pioneering drive that helped grow the brand to where it is today, the sonic identity is authentic, upbeat, and fun as it embraces the Shake Shack ideals.

Using a blend of indie pop, indie rock, and electro-pop, the sound feels vibrant and fresh. Additionally, adding in classic indie tracks helps the overall sound add a layer of depth to the music, helping to create a dynamic and well-crafted music strategy.

SHAKE SHACK画像 Drawing attention to sounds that blend into the space.

Please enjoy Shake Shack music here.

Consideration for acoustics.

Sound equipment should be simple. And clear. Because it's the perfect playlist, we also focus on sound reproduction. While you enjoy the flavours and aromas of food and drinks, your ears enjoy the music. We select speakers that allow you to enjoy such rich moments.

And the two most important points of spatial design regarding sound equipment are the following: Speakers should be positioned so that they blend in with the design and are not too prominent, while at the same time ensuring that the music is evenly distributed.

To deliver good sound to the ears in all locations is also an important task for us.

SHAKE SHACK画像 Clear sounds fill all corners of the restaurant.

We hope you would visit the restaurant and savour authentic American burgers and a variety of drinks, as well as enjoy music and signage! logomark

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