Branded Audio-Visual Installation

Branded Audio-Visual Installation

We offer a bespoke audio-visual design service that optimises the brand performance

Depending on your requirement, we can produce the optimal sound environment for your brand such as producing a sense of comfort and relaxation. For example, we can design the acoustics so that the music does not interfere with customers’ conversation in a café. Alternatively, we can push the brand to the foreground by using music that embodies your brand.
We are highly experienced in using concealed speakers that work well with your interior design. As we are not associated with any hardware suppliers, we can provide unbiased advice for our client’s needs and store design. We can also install large LED walls, signage, CCTVs, traffic counter and security gates in conjunction with the audio set up. Our nationwide network of authorised installers can install and maintain the equipment wherever you are in Japan.

Branded Audio-Visual Installation:

SHAKE SHACK × Nippon Rediffusion Limited

Technology-enhanced LED Vision & 100% Original Background Music