Branded Music Curation

From producing original music to selecting top chart hits, we offer the best branded music.

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Elevate your brand experience with
our music from around the world

Branded Audio-Visual

We offer a bespoke audio-visual design service that optimises the brand performance

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With PlayNetwork from Seattle,
we customise playlists that best express your brand and seamlessly deliver them online.

Move the hearts of your customers with the finest brand experience through music.

Rediffusion Method

Using our “Rediffusion Method”,
we meet your various requirements.

At Rediffusion, we believe in the essential role music plays in creating the ultimate brand experience for your customers. Equipped with expert knowledge in music around the world, we have produced a variety of branded music for our customers. Our unique methodology will elevate your brand’s value, enriching your customers’ in-store experience.

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We take the hassle away from you when dealing with copyrights and licences.

Procedures are required when:

  • Playing ordinary music CDs or DVDs
  • Playing your own compilation of music from CDs or downloaded music
  • Using streamed music from your personal account
  • Performing music live (except when the music was composed by the performer) in-store

When you play background music in a commercial setting, you must be licensed or obtain the rights owners’ consent.
Since Nippon Rediffusion’s music program is fully licensed, there is no need to worry about copyright issues – we make this process hassle-free for you.

Nippon Rediffusion is the heir to true DNA of BGM.


In 1929, Reditune was established in the UK (later to be renamed as Rediffusion Music), providing the world’s first ever BGM broadcasting service. In 1957, Nippon Ongaku Haikyu K.K. was established and entered into a music supply agreement with Reditune. This was the birth of the BGM business in Japan.
And in 1992, Nippon Rediffusion became the sole distributor of music for the British company. Since then, we have grown to where we are with great support from our customers as well as our current partner PlayNetwork.


Founded in Seattle in 1996, PlayNetwork is an expert in overhead music in all commercial settings. For over 20 years, this company has provided solutions that allow brands to emotionally connect with customers. Fully licensed music has been delivered to more than 500 global brands across 135 countries in 185,000 locations.

Nationwide service coverage.