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レディフュージョン名物!Rediffusion’s very own QUIZ!

レディフュージョン名物!Rediffusion’s very own QUIZ!


私はピアノの恩師の娘と大恋愛のすえ両親の反対を押し切って結婚しました。そう 最愛の妻 Claraクラーラも以前にこのコーナーに登場しています。さてドイツロマン主義を代表する私は誰でしょう?

At Rediffusion, we make desk diaries for our beloved clients and companies we work with.  On the envelope of the diary, our president offers a quiz about a musician that has some anniversary that year.  The informative and witty hint is written by our president himself, plus a caricature!  This is from 10 years ago. 

After a great romance, I fell in love with the daughter of my piano teacher.  Then, I married her over the opposition of her parents.  Yes, my dearest wife Clara has appeared in this annual creation before.  Well, I am one of the representative composers in the German Romanticism.  I was born 200 years ago.